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Royal Smilde facing bright future with new head office


On August 28th, Royal Smilde representatives signed a contract with construction firm Jorritsma Bouw for the construction of a new head office building in Heerenveen. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Arend Smilde drove the first pile and the project for the new building was on its way.

Founded in as early as 1965, the existing company office no longer meets modern demands. Even though renovation was considered as an alternative, construction of an entirely new head office was the preferred solution in view of the company's anticipated future growth. Or, as Ronald Prince, CEO of Royal Smilde, once put it: "The current building pays tribute to our family business’ long history, while the new office will radiate the power and energy of Royal Smilde's bright long future.”

The new office construction will be near the margarine factory, in the Kuinder river bend, with a view of the Tjonger river. For many years, this tract of land has been the property of Royal Smilde. In between the factory and the office, there is sufficient space for future expansion of the company’s margarine factory. According to the plans, it will be situated in the vacant space, adjacent to the new office building.

The office building is expected to be operational before the summer of 2019.

Ronald Prince (r.) and Lammert de Graaf (Jorritsma Bouw). (Image: Edgar Zwerver)
Arend Smilde driving the first pile. (Image: Edgar Zwerver)
Impression of the new Royal Smilde head office

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