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Royal Smilde and Kitchen Republic cooking up a storm of innovation


In times of rapid market changes, cross-pollination is the recipe for successful innovations. To accelerate innovation, Royal Smilde is investing in a separate innovation hub at Kitchen Republic, the professional shared kitchen in Amsterdam. “We can independently create, produce and test new concepts here, outside existing organisational structures”, says Vinay Dharampal proudly.

Kitchen Republic is expanding its current production kitchen with a new building, which will contain food-safe production units and creative spaces for cross-pollination between food start-ups and larger companies. In this creative and entrepreneurial environment, finding the right energy for innovation is easy, you come to better ideas and stay more informed of new developments and trends. On Tuesday 9 April, Royal Smilde was the first food company to sign a collaboration contract.

The innovative power of Royal Smilde's innovation hub is the cross-pollination of different talents, cultures and generations through the collaboration of colleagues, entrepreneurs, suppliers and customers. “We try new things in new areas, test them, uncover the potential, and the organisation then scales up promising concepts in one of the five Royal Smilde factories”, says Dharampal, the driving force behind Royal Smilde Futura, the Royal Smilde innovation platform. "We don't overthink things, we just roll up our sleeves and start."

Bart-Jan Veldhuizen, founder of Kitchen Republic, is also enthusiastic about the collaboration. “A large and renowned company such as Royal Smilde increases the knowledge and innovative power for smaller start-ups. This means they can develop new products together. Royal Smilde's confidence in our company has been very strong from the start. We’re incredibly proud of that. And this contract is the proof.”

The new construction is expected to be completed in July 2019. Royal Smilde will celebrate the opening of its innovation hub in Amsterdam in September.

Royal Smilde (Vinay Dharampal, r.) and Kitchen Republic (Bart-Jan Veldhuizen) have signed the contract.

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